Ralph Lauren Introduces £65 Preppy Polo Shirts for Stylish Canines

Ralph Lauren, the renowned fashion brand synonymous with classic smart casual attire, has expanded its repertoire by offering stylish polo shirts designed exclusively for fashion-forward pooches. Priced at £65, these posh canine garments are a must-have for pet owners seeking to match their beloved pets’ attire with their own.

These delightful polo shirts come in a wide array of colours, boasting an impressive selection of over 18 shades, including sophisticated hues like ‘carmel pink,’ ‘chalet purple,’ and ‘sunset green.’ Each shirt proudly displays Ralph Lauren’s iconic logo, featuring a polo player mounted on a galloping horse, an emblematic symbol of the brand’s heritage.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these doggy polo shirts feature a collar and two top buttons, mimicking the refined design of their human-sized counterparts. Additionally, they are cleverly designed with shirt sleeves to accommodate the front legs of the dogs. For convenience during walks, a strategically placed hole in the back allows for easy attachment of a dog lead, ensuring a seamless blend of style and functionality.

These canine polo shirts draw inspiration from Ralph Lauren’s original polo shirts, beloved by fashion enthusiasts worldwide. While the human version of this timeless shirt is priced at £109, pet owners can now indulge their furry companions in the same sophisticated fashion statement for a fraction of the cost.

The product description aptly captures the essence of the design, stating, “Drawing inspiration from our classic Polo shirt, this canine version has been thoughtfully crafted with a discreet lead hole and impeccably finished with our signature embroidered Pony.”

In addition to the polo shirts, Ralph Lauren also offers a cozy fleece hoodie priced at £75, ensuring that stylish canines are prepared for cooler weather. Furthermore, for those seeking protection from inclement weather, a doggy raincoat is available for £149, combining functionality with impeccable style.