Bear Takes a Refreshing Dive into the Ocean from Dock

Onlookers were amazed when a bear took a daring dive off a dock and enjoyed a refreshing swim in the ocean.

Kenleigh Muller couldn’t believe her eyes when she spotted the bear near some boats on the pier.

In the video, the black bear approaches the edge of the dock, crouches down, and leaps into the sea.

Surprised, Kenleigh exclaims, “Oh, is he getting in the ocean?”

The bear is then seen swimming away at the Saltworks Marine boatyard in Marion, near Boston, Massachusetts, US.

The footage was shared on Facebook on 25 May and quickly went viral with over 30,000 views.

One local resident commented, “This bear is just living his best life. He’s going to have all the good stories to tell.”

Greg said, “Could you imagine encountering this?”

Sonya wrote, “Oh poor bear. I hope it wasn’t a far swim to land.”

Anita remarked, “Oh my God. Guess he’s had enough of this area and is heading to East Marion. Hopefully, he makes it.”

Tim jokingly said, “Sorry, sir, your boat’s going to be late this year as we were dodging bears all spring.”

According to the Massachusetts Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, the Marion area is not traditionally part of the established range for black bears in the state. However, the agency has noted that the black bear population has been growing and expanding eastward in recent years.