Quirky Home with Eclectic Decor Hits Market for $1.6 Million

A unique home has been listed on the market for $1.6 million, showcasing an eccentric interior that stands in stark contrast to the minimalist trends seen in many modern homes.

Spanning 4,884 square feet, the property offers five bedrooms and five bathrooms. From the outside, it appears to be an ordinary family home with a spacious garden and driveway.

However, what sets this house apart is its unconventional and eye-catching decor, which has proven to be both captivating and headache-inducing for potential buyers. Unlike the clean lines and simplicity of minimalism, every corner of this property is adorned with clashing patterns, fur accents, eclectic artwork, and stunning chandeliers.

The dining room, for instance, showcases an assortment of unconventional seating options surrounding a table covered with astroturf. Meanwhile, the living room exudes a maximalist aesthetic, featuring multiple seating areas adorned with eccentric cushions and fur throws. The grey shaggy rug clashes with the chrome decorations, creating a visually stimulating space.

The kitchen is equally bold, with a houndstooth-patterned backsplash and neon art pieces. The previous owner’s penchant for sweets is evident in the presence of large candy dispensers on the kitchen counter and oversized art depicting melting lollipops.

The bedrooms, far from providing a serene retreat, feature peculiar four-poster beds that contrast with the vibrant back and silver patterned walls. Upstairs, the study room is enveloped in paint-covered ceilings, which may pose a distraction for some.

One of the most attention-grabbing areas of the house is the hallway, where disorienting honeycomb-patterned wallpapers cover the walls. Despite the unconventional interior design choices, potential buyers have found solace in the back garden, which offers a relaxing swimming pool.

The property, located in Edmond, Oklahoma, has garnered mixed reactions from house hunters. Some have found amusement in the eclectic decor, while others have expressed feelings of overwhelming anxiety due to the abundance of patterns and colors. Despite the diverse opinions, one house hunter, Nakisha Brewer, embraced the uniqueness of the decor, describing it as fun.

The house is currently listed for sale by Zillow Real Estate at a price of $1.59 million (£1.26 million).