Man Arrested for Shop Robbery Allegedly Using Nintendo Duck Hunt Gun

In a peculiar turn of events, a man has been apprehended after allegedly carrying out a shop robbery with a Nintendo Duck Hunt gun.

The suspect, identified as David Joseph Dalesandro, purportedly entered the establishment and proceeded to demand cash from the cashier while brandishing what appeared to be a firearm tucked in the waistband of his trousers.

However, upon closer inspection, it was revealed that the weapon in question was, in fact, a spray-painted replica of the iconic retro gun from the beloved 1984 shooter game, Nintendo Duck Hunt.

The game, played on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), allowed players to utilize the NES Zapper, a light gun accessory, to shoot down virtual ducks appearing on the screen.

Law enforcement authorities swiftly apprehended the 25-year-old suspect, who stands accused of absconding with $300 (£240) from a Kwik Stop store in Sharon, South Carolina, United States. Reports indicate that Dalesandro had donned a mask, wig, and a hoodie sweatshirt during the incident.

A spokesperson from the York County Sheriff’s Office revealed, “Deputies located Dalesandro in the parking lot of Dollar General down the street. Upon apprehension, deputies discovered the Duck Hunt pistol concealed in Dalesandro’s pants.” Consequently, the suspect was arrested and subsequently booked into the York County Detention Center.

The bizarre choice of weapon employed in this alleged crime has garnered attention, invoking nostalgic memories of the popular retro game. However, it serves as a stark reminder of the need for vigilance and appropriate response by law enforcement authorities in tackling criminal incidents.