‘Ignoring Dizziness in the Gym Turned Out to be a Warning Sign of Cancer: Woman Shares Her Story’

A woman who initially brushed off persistent dizziness and other concerning symptoms as a need to push harder during her gym workouts later discovered that they were actually warning signs of cancer.

Taylor Davis, a restaurant manager from San Diego, California, US, began experiencing frequent bouts of dizziness, intense headaches, and “extreme” facial swelling. Initially attributing these symptoms to the need for more intense training, Taylor was shocked to learn that an underlying tumor was causing her discomfort.

In September 2022, Taylor noticed a sudden drop in her weight, followed by the onset of these symptoms whenever she engaged in physical activity or bent over. As her condition deteriorated, she sought medical advice.

Three months later, at the age of 26, she received a stage four lymphoma diagnosis, with a five-inch tumor located in her chest. This type of cancer originates in the body’s cells.

Taylor now shares her harrowing journey in order to raise awareness and emphasizes that the experience has been “traumatic.”

“I felt like my life was coming to an end, and in a way, it was,” expressed Taylor in an interview with NeedToKnow.co.uk. “Everything I thought I knew about my body and all my life plans were taken away in that moment. Being told I had cancer at 26, after doing everything I had been taught to prevent it, was traumatic. I received the diagnosis in one night and was informed that I needed to start chemotherapy immediately, or I would die.”

Initially, Taylor believed her dizziness was a result of pushing herself too hard at the gym, prompting her to train even harder. However, she soon found herself unable to perform simple tasks at work, experiencing night sweats, and waking up with soaked pajamas and sheets.

By December 2022, Taylor had stopped working out altogether and developed a persistent wet cough, later discovered to be caused by the tumor blocking the arteries to her lungs.

As panic set in, she woke up with facial swelling and noticed light bruising on her chest and arms. However, medical professionals initially believed she had torn a shoulder muscle.

After undergoing an x-ray and an MRI, Taylor received the devastating news that the cause was a tumor associated with lymphoma.

“My cough worsened, and I struggled to engage in any physical activity without experiencing shortness of breath,” Taylor explained. “The following day, I underwent a biopsy. While awaiting the results, my cough became so severe that breathing became difficult. Subsequently, I was informed that I had pneumonia and superior vena cava syndrome, a blockage of blood flow caused by cancer that was preventing blood from reaching my brain. This condition can be life-threatening. The effects of cancer and chemotherapy, which I had only seen in movies, terrified me.”

Taylor is now sharing her story online to raise awareness of the symptoms to watch out for. She is currently undergoing treatment, with the tumor shrinking to almost nothing.

Her treatment includes a five-day infusion of chemotherapy every two-and-a-half weeks for a total of six rounds. Additionally, she is using cold capping, a technique that involves wearing cold ice packs on the head to reduce hair loss.

Taylor added, “I am recovering well, and after completing chemotherapy, I will require monthly checkups to ensure the cancer remains in remission. This experience has taken a toll on me, particularly the loss of my hair, which was a significant part of my identity. However, I am committed to maintaining a positive and grateful mindset throughout this journey. I am using it as an opportunity to educate myself about what I put into and onto my body. Sharing my journey online is a way for me to provide a positive outlet for others facing similar diagnoses. I want anyone going through an experience like this to understand that while it may feel unfair, it is not the end. There are many incredible things in life that lie ahead, and it is crucial to remain positive. Prayer and practicing gratitude have been immensely helpful to me during this journey.”