TikToker Showcases ‘Plus Size Hotel’ with Special Features Going Viral on TikTok

A woman has shared her experience at a hotel designed to cater to plus-size individuals, featuring reinforced beds, wide chairs, and larger showers.

Kirsty Leanne, a travel enthusiast and blogger from Shropshire, has gained a significant following on TikTok (@kirstyleannetravels) by sharing travel tips for larger-bodied people. She recently showcased the Catamaran Hotel in Antigua, highlighting its special features that made her trip “mostly stress-free.”

In a viral TikTok video with over 413,000 views and 44,600 likes, Kirsty provided an inside look at the hotel, which received praise from viewers for its inclusivity.

“When I go to a hotel, I often worry about various things – the strength of the beds, whether the chairs will have arms, the presence of plastic furniture, and the size of the showers,” shared Kirsty, who also runs a blog called Plus Size Travel Too, in an interview with NeedToKnow.co.uk.

“While I research these aspects beforehand, you never really know what to expect until you arrive. However, with the Catamaran Hotel, I didn’t have any of those worries because I knew they prioritized the needs of plus-size travelers. Staying there was mostly stress-free, and I felt incredibly welcomed.”

Kirsty praised the hotel’s reinforced beds and wide chairs, stating that she loved the super-wide wooden sunbeds that eliminated concerns about breakage. She also appreciated the spacious showers, a rarity in many hotels.

While Kirsty acknowledged areas for improvement, such as the size of the bathrooms and the size limit of the towels, she believes the Catamaran Hotel is a great example of how hotels can make guests of all sizes feel welcome.

TikTok users praised the hotel’s efforts, expressing their excitement about feeling accommodated and included.

“This almost makes me tear up. Imagine feeling welcome and accommodated!” commented one user.

“I want to go! The biggest anxiety is going somewhere without knowing if you can participate or be included, especially at a beach place,” shared another viewer.

The positive reception to the hotel’s efforts has sparked interest from many, with some adding it to their travel bucket list and applauding the establishment for prioritizing guest comfort and safety.

The inclusive nature of the Catamaran Hotel has resonated with viewers, who appreciate the importance of such accommodations in all places.

“This is amazing! Every place should be accommodating,” commented one viewer.

“Great to see inclusivity!” agreed another TikToker.